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April 24 2015

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yoga ashtanga - ayurverda - doshas
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April 02 2015

If you are not ready to take responsibility for your actions, don’t do yoga.  If you’re not ready to delve into the past and heal, don’t do yoga. If you’re not ready to let go of other people’s beliefs and stand firm on your own, don’t do yoga. If you are living a life that is not authentic to the still small voice inside of you, don’t do yoga. If you are not ready to peel away the layers of labels you have placed upon yourself, don’t do yoga. I beg of you, don’t even start.  
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February 08 2015

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November 26 2014

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November 23 2014

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November 21 2014

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November 16 2014

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November 15 2014

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Wystarczy posłuchać i obejrzeć, żeby się uśmiechnąć :)
Well, you're the guru now so visualize healing
Yeah, you're the guru now so visualize leaving
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November 03 2014

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October 28 2014

October 15 2014

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October 14 2014

Joga jest to powściągnięcie zjawisk świadomości. Wtedy widz utrzymuje się w swojej właściwej naturze
— Klasyczna definicja jogi. "Jogasutry" Patanjali
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kundalini, ida & pingala
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October 12 2014

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stretching. lots of neck pain today :-(

September 22 2014


September 20 2014

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September 16 2014

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